Please confirm the Power limited, Top speed, Throttle usage, and the age of riding with your local laws and regulations for e-bikes.


1. Ensure the Ebike fits you properly before first use. You may lose control or fall if your Ebike is too big or too small.


2. Ensure correct tightening and setup is performed on your Ebike before use and conduct regular check-ups. Failure to confirm proper installation compatibility, proper operation, or maintenance of any component or accessory can result in serious injury or death.


3. Always Wear A Helmet. Helmets significantly reduce the number and head injuries. Always wear a helmet that complies with your state laws when riding your MokWheel Ebike. Failure to wear a helmet when riding may result in serious injury or death. Check with your local authorities for requirements in your community.


4. Make yourself more visible by wearing bright reflective clothing. Keep your reflectors clean and properly aligned. Use head and tail lights in reduced lighting conditions. Wear sturdy shoes and eye protection. Also, check your state laws concerning other protective gear that may be required when riding your MokWheel Ebike.


5. As Ebikes are heavier and faster than ordinary bicycles, you need to be extra careful and careful when riding.


6. Ride Within Your Limits. Take it slow until you are familiar with the riding conditions, as traction can be greatly reduced and brakes become less effective. Never ride faster than conditions warrant or beyond your riding abilities. Remember that alcohol, drugs, fatigue, and inattention can significantly reduce your ability to make good judgments and ride safely.


7. Keep Your E-Bike In Safe Condition. For your safety and enjoyment, and to ensure a long life for your MokWheel E-Bike, inspect and maintain your E-Bike regularly. Follow the inspection and maintenance guidelines throughout this manual. Check critical safety equipment before each and every ride.


8. Ensure handlebar grips are not damaged and are properly installed. Loose or damaged grips can cause you to lose control and fall down.


9. You should check the operation of the brake suppressor switch before each ride. The brake system is equipped with a suppressor that shuts off the power to the motor whenever the brake is engaged. Check the correct operation of the brake switch before riding the Ebike.


10. You must understand the operation of the twisting accelerator and pedal boost sensor before use, and pay full attention to riding at a speed suitable for the use area and user experience level during use. Always use the lowest level of assistance until you are satisfied with the bike and have the confidence to control the power.


11. Failure to properly charge, store or use your battery will void the warranty and may cause dangerous situations.


12. Be extra careful when riding in wet conditions. Feet or hands may slip and fall in a damp environment, resulting in death or serious injury due to the fall.


13. After any incident, you must consider your Ebike is unsafe to ride until you consult with a certified Ebike mechanic for a comprehensive inspection.


14. Ebike and Ebike parts have strength and integrity limitations and extreme riding should not be performed or you risk damaging the components or becoming seriously injured or killed.


15. Engaging in extreme riding is extremely dangerous and should be avoided. Although many articles and advertisements depict extreme riding, this is not recommended nor permitted, and you can be seriously injured or killed if you perform extreme riding.


16. Off-road riding requires close attention and specific skills and presents variable conditions and hazards which accompany the conditions. Wear appropriate safety gear and do not ride alone in remote areas. Check local rules and regulations if off-road riding is allowed.


17. Do not use this product with standard bicycle trailers, stands, or bike racks. Contact MokWheel to check if your equipment will work with the Ebike. Any after-sales changes to your MokWheel Ebike that are not expressly approved by MokWheel may invalidate the warranty and cause an unsafe riding experience.


18. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the laws and requirements of the operation of this product in the areas where you ride.


19. Ensure that you comprehend all instructions and safety notices/warnings.